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    People closest to me know I hardly make promises because I made a commitment to myself years ago to not use that word in order not to dig up hurtful memories. When people you love and trust make promises and fail to stick to their commitment, it always hurts.  When promising circumstances fall through the cracks, it hurts more. When…

  • Faith

    Now Listening: Take Courage by Kristene DiMarco

    Take courage in the waiting? This has not been my reality these past months. The Coronavirus pandemic has been very scary and distracting. Distracting enough to not think of praying, worshiping, checking in on some friends. Schools in Lagos shut down on March 20th and so I have been working from home since then. I have tried to cope with…

  • There is a God - Lights out

    There is a God

    There is a God who lives in the skies. He always has his lights on but we turn our lights off whenever. Lights on or lights off, He always sees us. *Lights off* Pounding hearts, pacing mind Tapping feet and darting eyes. In these moments, we do not see him. Our bleak vision and reluctant desire make our brain crickets…

  • Dear God whatever it takes
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    Dear God, My Dreams Vs Your Plan

    Dear God,   If my life was a movie it would be titled, My Dreams Vs Your Plan. I  have many dreams but I know your plan is greater. Let your spirit continually remind me That you are always with me And strengthen my inner man To remember that everything good Comes from you & only you. May I not…