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Journal Notes

    Journal Notes

    Now Listening: The Road By Hosanna Poetry

    Excerpts from ‘The Road’ by Hosanna Poetry

    God spends a lot of time in the Bible telling us who we are. It’s almost as if He knew that we would doubt who that was from time to time. It’s as if He saw it coming that we’d spend our whole lives searching for what our identity, what our real name was. And that there’d be many moments in our lives where we’d let different kinds of names define us…

    I often find intriguing poetry and songs while watching insta-stories of people I follow on Instagram. So I was psyched when I discovered Hosanna Poetry. The moment I heard The Road by Hossana Poetry some weeks ago, her song arrested my soul. The song got me in a reflective mode, thinking about how I need to renew my thoughts. The lyrics also reminded me about not beating myself up and renewing my mindset & perception of how my Christian identity and lifestyle ought to look like. That is, picking up my cross and finding ways to work things out WHILE FULLY DEPENDING ON GOD. If you love spoken word, words of affirmation & thought-provoking music, you will enjoy listening to this song as much as I did.

    When I get carried away with all that is going on, pandemic and all, it almost feels like leaving God on ‘read’. And when many days of feeling hopeless and helpless pass by, I try in many ways to pick myself up and gradually relearn how to submit all of me into God’s hands most especially my daily thoughts and decisions. Here are some guiding questions I go through on days when I’m struggling

    • How much control do I have concerning the things that are bothering me
    • What am I actively doing about them?
    • Why do I give so much power to my fears?
    • Do I need to pour out more grace through the process?