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    ]Why I switched from Always to Molped

    From Always to Molped on TCL

    Location: Lagos

    Being a curious cat when I was younger, I had often see packets of Always sanitary pads in the bathroom cabinets even prior to hitting puberty. I do not recall having any extensive conversation about feminine care, hygiene or menstruation at home or in school but the first time I saw my period while in secondary school, somehow I just knew I had to get ‘Always’.

    Being the only major brand I commonly saw at my family house and with my friends, I have used 2 varieties of Always sanitary pads for over a decade. Until earlier in 2019, I never considered checking for other brands that produce sanitary pads in Nigeria.

    Sometime in May, I spotted a conversation on Twitter about misrepresentation in period care ads in Nigeria and how pads become more expensive over the past few years. Some ladies brought up Molped pads and the curious cat in me jumped out again.

    So I made a trip to one of the largest supermarkets in my area, looked through their variety and purchased a pack to try. It’s been three months since my first purchase and I have to say that I totally love the pads. Here are my reasons I am completely switching to using Molped.

    1. They are super light

    Though I am one of the lucky ones that have a short cycle of 2-3 days, I use at 2-3 pads a day ( depending on my flow regardless of the brand). Though they look heavier than the Ultra pads, they do not feel heavier. When I use these pads, they almost still feel like air even when full.

    2. The pads are truly skin-friendly

    The pads in this packet have a cotton-like barely-there feeling. Presently, I love the fact that it does not have that sticky nylon feeling on the wings that occasionally give skin irritations that sometimes happen with using Always Ultra pads.

    3. The pads are leak-proof

    I’m in 4th month of using these long pads and I have not experienced any day or night leakage even though I have not even tried the Night version. With Always, I experience leakage on some nights. This automatically means more laundry rounds.

    4. The pads are comfortable & more discrete

    Having used Always gel-lines pads for over a decade, I have experienced a lot of day and night warmness, stickiness and noisy movements. However with Molped, I have not experienced any of that in the last four months.