• open to learning
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    Learn from the school of life

    Learn from the school of life. The amount of time this echoes in my head..ha! It can be hard. We follow the numbers & algorithms but stories, now more than ever,  have become relatable. Memories growing up, back-to-school and adulting moments have created the most transformative stories and tales. From stories of eureka moments, happiness and love, to stories of depression,…

  • even when you are stuck alone
    Letters & Notes

    To the one who feels stuck …

    To the one who feels stuck… Even when you are stuck, you are still growing Because the mind wanders faster than feet So fix your mind on what you love: Kindred spirits & grateful hearts And the healing of those who are the voice of such. Synergy & growth Because it takes a village to make anything worthwhile Fellowship Because…

  • Dear God whatever it takes
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    Dear God, My Dreams Vs Your Plan

    Dear God,   If my life was a movie it would be titled, My Dreams Vs Your Plan. I  have many dreams but I know your plan is greater. Let your spirit continually remind me That you are always with me And strengthen my inner man To remember that everything good Comes from you & only you. May I not…

  • There are things we battle with in the middle of the night, The “genes” of the earthly body and the heavens struggle to mutate.
    Letters & Notes

    May we never lose our Wonder

    May we never lose our Wonder… that’s what the song says. May we never lose our Wonder… “Is that possible?” May we never lose our Wonder… “It is my prayer but I think I may have lost it.” The One that was, is and is to come knows better Because He’s the creator Of the Mosaic Wonder. Biology and genetics…

  • joyful+black+girl+spirit
    Letters & Notes

    Led by the Spirit

    The spirit always listens. He speaks & sees even the silent thoughts. He feels your burning feet and sweating heart, Pounding palpitations and blurred vision. Feel the air going over your skin Breathe once, breathe again Slowly shut your eyes And feel the darkness in the silence Now call forth light to the darkness And converse with the beings &…