even when you are stuck alone
Letters & Notes

To the one who feels stuck …

To the one who feels stuck…

Even when you are stuck, you are still growing
Because the mind wanders faster than feet
So fix your mind on what you love:

Kindred spirits & grateful hearts
And the healing of those who are the voice of such.

Synergy & growth
Because it takes a village to make anything worthwhile

Because the world is likely to repeat history again
But you are part of an army, connected in spirit, set to bring words to life and renew minds.

So don’t be afraid to speak from where you are.
Nothing has power over the power of the tongue.
Speak into the wind and speak to the shadows
Speak to everything and everyone that is willing to listen.

Your openness will unlock a level of freedom you have never known
Be still, see that kindred spirits are here with you
By your side, joining you on the journey
As you take baby steps and quantum leaps.

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