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To the Unilag 8: Knock! knock!

After hearing about the  Unilag 8 – Gang rape incident involving eight guys and one lady  this week, it was not difficult to get enraged all over again about the level of sexual violence and abuse going on in Nigeria. It has been quite disheartening! I was so sad and felt so helpless about the situation I found a way to redirect my energy into something worthwhile.

In my head, I believe the conversation below goes on the minds of  victims and loved ones who have had to deal with sexual violence/abuse first or second-hand.

Knock! knock!
Who’s there?
What dreams?

That dreams that got locked out when
The gates of boarding school closed in.

The dreams of being a superwoman
That crumbled and scattered that night at Block C.

The dreams of being a fighter
As I could not fight off the ‘Unilag 8’ that took some of me.

The dreams of being storyteller
For if the truth was choking, of what use would it be for me to speak up now?

And if you dare ask why these dreams are here
Just know you may be the part of the problem.

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