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Now Listening: Take Courage by Kristene DiMarco

Location: Lagos

Take courage in the waiting? This has not been my reality these past months. The Coronavirus pandemic has been very scary and distracting. Distracting enough to not think of praying, worshiping, checking in on some friends. Schools in Lagos shut down on March 20th and so I have been working from home since then. I have tried to cope with the lockdown in different ways; endless scrolling on Twitter and Instagram, struggling to call and text friends, and trying to keep tabs on the different online courses I signed up for.

I remember going through Seyi’s Instagram stories the other night and she mentioned how there’s the need to consciously do things that feed our spirit and not just give in to our feelings. After that, Seyi’s words have been brewing at the back of my mind. Going through my old Spotify worship playlist this morning to select a song, Kristene Dimarco’s Take Courage started playing. The words lit up my spirit and I could not get enough of it. For the rest of the week, this will be the song playing at the start and end of my day. While the Coronavirus pandemic may be scary, it is definitely a time to take courage as we wait and watch the curve flatten.  Enjoy!

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