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    How to Make your Box Braids smell good

    Location: Lagos

    My go-to protective style is flat twists without extensions. In 2019 when I installed protective styles that require extensions, I g0t box braids most times and kept them for 3 to  5 weeks. If you live in Nigeria, you already know the heat and humidity will do many things to your natural hair and protective styles. I highly suggest you let your braids hang loose whenever you are indoors so that your scalp can air dry. Whenever you’re free over the weekends, you can apply these products. While people use rose water on their hair for other reasons, I like to use it to make my braided hair smell good.


    I do not apply a lot of the oil my scalp in this routine because I noticed that a little goes a long way. It is very important that you let the hair completely dry after applying these items or else, the musty smell will linger. I like to put my hair in an updo after this routine to reduce my hand in hair contact since my hair gets rough easily. Try this out next time your box braids or protective style starts smelling funky. Who doesn’t want to smell like roses?