Box braids are a great protective style and have been my staple style for the longest time in moments where I didn’t feel like wearing my hair out. Regardless of the type of box braids I get or how long I keep them in, I try to keep them smelling good and spend a good time taking care of my edges so they still look intact after taking the braids down. Maintaining box braids is quite easy. Here are 3 steps I take that you can also adopt to maintain box braids easily.

Tip 1: Cleanse your scalp

Cleanse your scalp

The first step to maintaining box braids is to always cleanse first. I cleanse my scalp using ORS Black Castor and Aloe Vera Scalp & Braid dry shampoo and cotton pads. When I don’t have the dry shampoo close by, I use a small portion of vinegar & water mix in a travel-size spray bottle as a replacement.

I simply apply either of the liquids in between the lines of the braids lightly and gently rub the cotton pad from the top and all the way down to the nape of my head. Doing this removes most of the dust and dirt that may have settled on my hair.

Tip 2: Hydrate your Scalp

Hydrate your Scalp

I follow up with BelleStar’s Oil-free Leave-In conditioner after cleansing all lines of my box braids. You want to use a liquid form conditioner instead of a cream-based conditioner. Why? Because it is very lightweight and immediately absorbs into the scalp. I simply apply this by lifting the body of the braids and spraying it around different areas on my scalp. Once I’m done, I also spray a bit on the body of my braids and then pat the moisture in.


Tip 3: Wrap it up


I often prep my braids much way before I plan to leave the house or do anything tedious. Because of this, I like to wrap the perimeter of my hair with a scarf. Before doing so, I sometimes use a pea-sized amount of hair cream to keep the hair strands together and then brush lightly before putting on the scarf. This allows any loose strands from my natural hair or my braids to lay flat and have a smooth look. You can also choose to keep the scarf on throughout the day. It often gives my look a pop of color especially on days when I wear cool tones.

Have you tried any of these tips before?

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