(Originally written January 18, 2018)


He made from dust, dead and empty till and filled me

with his breath, grace, and glory.

He breathed life into this concave heart

and thought me to love and to be loved, to fill, and to be filled.

With hunger and desire, I have eaten of what is mine and what is not

and have come to you to purge me from myself

that I may reveal my hidden thoughts to you.

Thoughts that I used as anchors in my soul to keep me from being in your presence.

Thoughts you already knew of, thoughts that kept me because of your love.


On our first date, you spoke life into me.

With love and pain, I said ‘hello world’.

You created this concave heart with a well of emotions.

With that came untold experiences and unexpected terrors.

But here I am, back in your hands, to fill this curved and hollow heart

because I am tired and ready for my redemption.

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