Normally, my go-to protective style is flat twists without extensions. When I install protective styles that required extensions, I go for box braids or jumbo twists.  These braids or twists last about 3 to 5 weeks. If you live in Nigeria, you already know the heat and humidity can do many things to your hair and edges. I will not recommend carrying braids for longer than 5 weeks. I  suggest you let your hair extensions hang loose whenever you are indoors. That way, your scalp gets some air so no lingering funky smell stays trapped in.  While some people use rose water on their hair to promote hair growth, I like to use it to make my hair smell good.



I do not apply a lot of the oil my scalp in this routine because I noticed that a little goes a long way. It is very important that you let the hair completely dry after applying these items or else, the musty smell may linger. You can always store these in travel size bottles and carry them on-the-go. Sometimes I put my hair in an updo after this routine when my hair is completely dry. I know. But this is mainly because of my hand-in-hair syndrome.

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