Reading List – Books on Learning & Assessment

How to Assess Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Your Classroom. Get here

How People Learn I: Brain, Mind, Experience & School. Get here.

How people Learn II: Learners, Contexts & Cultures. Get here.

Program Evaluation: Alternative Approaches & Practical Guidelines. Get here.

Understanding By Design. Get here.

The Gift of Dyslexia. Get here.


Reading List – Articles on Primary & Secondary Education in Nigeria 

Is Nigeria experiencing a learning crisis: Evidence from curriculum-matched learning assessment. Read here.

Effective Teaching and Education Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Conceptual Study of 11 Sub-Saharan African Countries. Read here.

The attitude of Teachers towards the Inclusion of Special Needs Children in General Education Classroom: The Case of Teachers in Some Selected Schools in Nigeria. Read here.

Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities in Nigeria: Benefits, Challenges  Policy Implications. Read here.

Influence of Socio-Economic and Educational Background of Parents on their Children’s Education in Nigeria. Read here.

Persistent Gender Inequality in Nigerian Education, Read here.

Social correlates and coping measures of street-children: a comparative study of street and non-street children in South-Western Nigeria. Read here.


Useful Learning & Assessment Toolkits

Understanding Dyslexia Toolkit. Get here.

Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA) Toolkit. Get here.

Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA) Toolkit. Get here. (Complementary resources here)

Teach – World Bank’s Classroom Observation Tool. Get here. (Complementary resources here)




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