May we never lose our Wonder…
that’s what the song says.
May we never lose our Wonder…
“Is that possible?”
May we never lose our Wonder…
“It is my prayer but I think I may have lost it.”

The One that was, is and is to come knows better
Because He’s the creator Of the Mosaic Wonder.
Biology and genetics talk about mosaicism in the body
But the Holy Spirit speaks of a greater mutation within us.
There are things we battle with in the middle of the night,
The genes of the earthly body and the heavens struggle and mutate.

As I try to live as one as the days, months and years go by
I wonder, “Who am I?’ Who am I in Christ?” “These questions seem different. Are they?”
Listen to what the [holy] spirit has to say.
Listen to the sound of the winds and trees.
The air that flows into tree branches moves out with a new sound as it exits.

There is a mutation in you that occurs when you acknowledge that He is your father.
You are no longer who you used to be, you are now his mosaic wonder.
Just like the stars amaze you and keeps you in awe even after its explosion,
This is the same way you dazzle the world being his mosaic wonder even after death.
So to answer your questions, No, you have not lost your wonder.

You just have to acknowledge and yield.
Relinquish your will and embody the mosaic wonder.
It is the way to live for eternity.

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