The New Dudu Osun: New Package, New Formula?

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I started using Dudu Osun’s black soap  five years ago and it has remained a staple product in my skincare routine.  Even when I was away in graduate School in New Jersey, I would shuffle between using  Olay Sensitive body wash and this black soap. I had so many questions popping in my head when I scanned the supermarket aisles and saw a new branded pack for the Dudu Osun.

“Is this a copycat brand or is this real?”

“Has the formula finally changed?”

“Or is this just a change of kpali?”

So I grabbed a piece to take a closer look.

TCL_New Dudu Osun 1
As you can see, the new look comes in a clean, airy, aesthetically pleasing look. The label announced the new fragrance and that got me eager to try it out. I’ve been using it for two months now and Dudu Osun still remains a favorite. I still love it. I do not use it on my face as much because it occasionally dries out that area of my body mainly when my skin is dry. Though I have  never been bothered by the old fragrance, I like that they made the new fragrance a lighter scent. It’s less likely to cause sneezing for people who were sensitive to the previous fragrance. Have you seen this new pack at your neighborhood shop? If you have tried the new Dudu Osun, share your experience!

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