Sweet Bites At Maison Kayser

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Though I am in a love-hate relationship with my dentist, I had to look for somewhere new that a cafe lover like myself could get sweet bites on a Saturday morning. I randomly did a search on Google Maps and found Maison Kaiser on Victoria Island. I loved it immediately I read the reviews. My search stopped there and then.  Upon getting there, I noticed it looked like a great place to visit for a first date or brunch. After getting in, I concluded that there was something for different kinds of people who enjoy dining out – they have small corners and spaces for people who are dining alone. They also have high chairs for babies that make family meals more convenient.

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When it comes to dessert and pastries is almost always the same at any bakery – anything vanilla first. Ordering was a breeze. I also loved that they had healthy food options and. If you’re a vegetarian, I am almost sure they have tasty options for you.


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What We Had at Maison Kayser

Ice cream: white chocolate for him, watermelon and berry sorbet for myself

Cake: Chocolate for him, Sandwich cake filled with wafers and cream.

It was all sooo good.

These sweet bites will make you want to be in a committed relationship with your dentist. No lies!


                                      TCL_Sweet bites at Maison Kayser_5.


The servers at the counter and waiter at our table were all very warm, friendly, and were prompt when responding to our needs. This is one of the best bakeries I have been to in Lagos.Will I be revisiting Maison Kayser? Absolutely!

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