For our greatest war is not ahead of us rather it is within us.

The battlefield of the mind encounters the greatest bloodshed.

Away from the echoes of the serpent and the stillness of God’s voice,

Are trails of blood from those whom the devil devoured moments ago.

In still times, we have always have moments to ourselves.

Just like when God left Adam and Eve to tend to the garden.

The serpent planted a seed and she nursed the desire.

Not too long after, she took the leap.

What do you desire and are you going to take the leap?

Wait…what about God’s desires?

He took the leap and created the world.

He took another by creating Adam and Eve.

He took yet another leap by coming to earth in human form to be closer to us.

By birth, we may be descendants of Eve,

However, we are created in God’s image.

Our God, the One above all, the Alpha and the Omega.

He is the one who watched our lives before time and still found us worthy.

So pause your heart wants and when your spirit is quickened –

spirits move faster than bodies and so do not be quickened so easily.

There is Eve in us but the Holy Spirit was here first.

Carry that cross, follow Him, and don’t look back!

For wisdom is more precious than rubies and

Nothing you desire can compare with her!

Listen to her voice and she will show you the way.

Forgive yourself and there shall be a restoration of your spirit.

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