When I was younger, I often saw packets of Always sanitary pads in the bathroom cabinets at home, hotels, and at guest-houses. Thinking back, I do not recall having any extensive conversation about feminine care and hygiene with my mom at home or in school. But I remember that the first time I saw my period while in secondary school, somehow I just knew I had to get ‘Always’. Being the only major brand I  saw at my family house and with my friends, I had stuck to using 2 varieties of Always sanitary pads for over a decade. It was not until earlier in 2019 when I saw a conversation on  Twitter that I considered trying out other sanitary brands like Molped available in Nigeria. So I made a trip to the supermarkets in my area, looked through their varieties available, and purchased one Molpad pack to try. It’s been three months since my first purchase and I have to say that I totally love the pads. Here are some reasons I completely switched to using

1. They are super light-weight

Though I am one of the lucky ones that have a short cycle of 2-3 days, I use at 2-3 pads a day (depending on my flow regardless of the brand). Though they look more fluffy than the Always Ultra pads, they do not feel heavier. When I use these pads, they almost still feel like air even
when full.

2. The Molped pads are truly skin-friendly

The pads in this packet have a cotton-like barely-there feeling. Presently, I love the fact that it does not have that sticky nylon cling effect that Always Ultra pads gives.

3. The pads are leak-proof

I’m in the 4th month of using these long pads. Throughout,  I have not experienced any day or night leakage even though I have not even tried the Night version. With Always, I experienced leakage mostly some nights. This automatically meant more laundry rounds for me.

4. The Molped pads are more discrete

I have used Always gel-lines pads for over a decade. In all those years,  I have experienced a lot of day and night warmness, stickiness, and annoying noisy movements. However, with Molped, it’s don’t experience any stickiness or annoying noisy walks.

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